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Analyst Jobs

Purpose of the Analyst Role:

The role of an analyst is a fundamentally numerical position, with most of the role responsibilities concerned with using cashflow models to determine a numerical outcome for a property scenario. This can be acquisition, development, project, or performance led. With a variety of possible focuses, there are various types of analyst role found in the real estate market. Below are some of the most common with some specific role tasks listed for each:

  • Analyst- a general position, most commonly found in smaller organisations, covering a broad range analysis across the life cycle of the portfolio. Role tasks include:

        • Analysis and underwriting support for new acquisitions.

        • Development or project analysis.

        • Analysis of held assets including business plan forecasting and performance monitoring.

        • Hold/sell analysis to influence decision making on potential asset disposals.

        • Periodic reporting - quantitative and qualitative.

  • Acquisitions, Transactions or Investment Analyst - a position focused on potential investments/ acquisitions. A transaction focused position. Role tasks include:

        • The underwriting and due diligence of potential new investments.

        • Providing financial analysis of asset cash flows, financing and tax assumptions to produce outputs including IRRs, output sensitivities and income focussed returns.

        • Undertaking research and liaising with key stakeholders to support key underwriting assumptions.

        • Collating research on target assets as required.

        • Assisting with investment due diligence including co-ordinating third-party service providers.

        • Preparation of documents for internal and external purposes including detailed investment memos to be presented to the investment committee, and reports and presentations to clients and partners.

        • Assisting with other duties linked to the execution of transactions.

        • Hold/sell analysis to influence decision making on potential asset disposals.

  • Development Analyst - a position focused on the development of owned assets or sites, or the acquisition of assets with a development focus once acquired. Role tasks include:

        • Providing acquisition analysis and underwriting for new development assets including use options and cost analysis.

        • Initial project feasibility, identification of potential development options and opportunities to enhance value.

        • Undertaking financial modelling, appraisals and cash flows, to assess viability.

        • Providing analytical and modelling support on existing developments including maintaining existing appraisals during active projects including inputting live actual and forecast information.

        • Reporting on development pipeline, both quantitative and qualitative.

  • Asset Management, Portfolio or Performance Analyst- focused on held assets, the plans for those properties and the associated analysis of these, and performance monitoring. Role tasks include:

        • Developing and maintaining financial models to monitor ongoing investment performance.

        • Providing numerical support for reporting on performance and business planning.

        • Providing numerical forecasting of held assets in portfolio.

        • Providing quantitative analysis on a broad range of projects across the business.

        • Utilising performance metrics to build analysis which enables strategic decision making.

        • Monitoring tenant credit for existing major tenants in the portfolio and ensuring any potential exposure points are highlighted.

        • Performing lease appraisal analysis.

        • Developing and collating data pools to enable disciplined investment and leasing decisions.

        • Providing monthly market movement updates and insights.

        • Periodic performance reporting- quantitative and qualitative.

        • Participating in the annual budget and ongoing re-forecasting processes that involves planning, determining financial and operational goals, and reporting on results to senior management.

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Candidate Requirements:

  • Understanding of property investment appraisal techniques.

  • Advanced Excel skills and the ability to model/ build cashflows from scratch (this will be tested in an interview process via a modelling test).

  • Strong numerical ability.

  • For experienced/ more senior roles, demonstrable experience of creating property cashflows from scratch and ability to run and adjust complex financial models.

  • Strong writing, reporting and presentation skills.

  • Strong commercial acumen and market awareness.

  • A property or finance focused degree.


Analyst packages vary with remuneration levels being most influenced by the type of company the role is working for – investment banking or private equity roles, for example, pay more than other areas- but also the focus of the role in question. Investment or transactions focused roles typically will pay more than asset or portfolio focused positions. Other factors such as the calibre of previous experience and the presence of relevant language skills will also influence the salary level.

Packages will almost always have some corporate benefits attached to them as well as an annual discretionary bonus. Broad salary level ranges are detailed below:

Role Seniority

Average Salary


£35,000- £45,000

Senior Analyst

(where applicable- some companies don’t have this level but a more senior Analyst will be on this salary bracket)

£45,000- £50,000


£50,000- £60,000

Senior Associate

£60,000- £75,000

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