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What to expect from our property recruitment services

Whatever recruitment path our clients decide to take for their roles, our aim is to make sure that candidates are truly matched to the opportunity for which they are being recruited. Each type of recruitment approach or service works differently but our consistent aim is to make sure that we always provide targeted candidates who not only have strong experience and skills matched to the role brief, but who are also likely to fit into the culture and existing team of a company.

​A ‘quality over quantity’ approach is always adopted so as to not waste clients time, thus ensuring we provide a focused pool of candidates ready for interview.

In addition to our active candidate sourcing efforts, the team at Falmouth Fairfax are fortunate enough to benefit from an extensive network. This means that candidates are regularly referred to us exclusively, confident that they are dealing with a trusted and recommended recruiter to further their career.

Our Services

Utilising our extensive network, database and referrals, as well as advertising across leading media platforms, Falmouth Fairfax are able to connect you with the most appropriate active candidate pool within the market. Having interviewed all candidates, we are able to provide a focused short list of candidates to you for review with our comments and observations to accompany the professional profiles.

Retained Recruitment

A focused consultative approach undertaken on a retained basis when you are looking for active sourcing of the best candidates in the market. From understanding your business and requirements, we will tailor the most effective recruitment strategy for you. Using trusted search methodologies, we approach, interview, screen and short list the top active and passive candidates to present to you with definitive and detailed notes summarising their experience. This approach gives the best results within a shorter timeframe than a full executive search campaign but is more active in the sourcing and approaching of candidates than a contingency process and brings both on-market and off-market candidates to our clients.

Market mapping and executive search campaigns

When a fuller understanding of your competitors and the total talent available in the wider market is required. With a dedicated research team, we will produce a market map of relevant companies and individuals within those businesses. This information will be presented to you and discussion of the market map will identify individuals who Falmouth Fairfax can target for head hunting. Detailed profiling and interviews will be undertaken by the leading Director to produce a short list of candidates with interview feedback including full employment history information, qualification screening and areas for further investigation at interview stage. Psychometric testing may be utilised at 2nd interview stage should our clients wish us to conduct this, and we will continue to work with you at offer stage and through the onboarding process to advice on securing the right individual.


Competitor analysis

Staying ahead of the competition is always a key concern for our clients. Our dedicated research function can provide tailored information including competitor organogram mapping, reporting and product lines through to business set-up. This service is especially useful when a client is setting up a new service or division within their business.

Salary benchmarking

In the highly competitive Real Estate market, understanding what to pay in each role is critical to staying ahead of your competitors and attracting, and retaining the best talent. With a core understanding of salary, bonus and benefit packages across the industry the team at Falmouth Fairfax are able to pull together detailed information from their wide ranging exposure to clients in the market in order to help you benchmark within your business or accurately budget for new growth areas.

Falmouth Fairfax Real Estate Recruitment, London property recruitment, Real Estate Recruitment, Construction Recruitment, Development Recruitment, Property Recruitment

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  • ​"Bronwyn has been extremely helpful throughout the process. She has not only supported me in every step of the way but has made sure to call me every now and then to check in. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter. Thanks Bronwyn for all your support, you have made the process enjoyable and smooth!"


  • "​The service I received from John was exceptional. He was professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful and very encouraging. He understood his client and was able to give me the advice and guidance I needed at each stage. I would highly recommend Falmouth Fairfax and John to my peers."


  • "I would highly recommend Falmouth Fairfax to anyone looking for a role within the Real Estate industry. Bronwyn and Lucy both took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and were then incrediby helpful throughout the entire application process."


  • ​"9/10, I personally think there is always room for improvement. The service I got from John was second to none. It felt very personal, thoughtful and very professional. He showed a superb understanding of the market and gave me strong advice to narrow down my search. I didn't feel like just 'another call' which is very refreshing."


  • ​"Beatrice was extraordinarily helpful throughout the scheduling process. She's a true gem!"


  • "​Lucy was by far the best recruiter I worked with during my job search. She put me forward for some excellent opportunities and was honest about what roles would work for me and what remuneration I could expect, given my experience. She is very responsive and personable, and was always on hand to answer any questions and give advice when I received a job offer, which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend working with Lucy."