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24 September 2020 By Falmouth Fairfax Lucy Cook

Bayfield Training webinars in partnership with Falmouth Fairfax Real Estate Recruitment

Real Estate Recruitment in a pandemic: 7 months of Covid19
Date: 7th of October at 11.00 am BST
Free to attend:

Lucy Cook MRICS Real Estate Recruitment specialist and Director of Falmouth Fairfax, will provide an overview of the real estate trends seven months into a Global Pandemic. Lucy will approach the webinar from both perspectives, companies and candidates. She will talk about the type of companies that are recruiting at the moment, in what sectors, and how COVID-19 is affecting the remuneration levels and the respective packages. Lucy will also discuss the candidates’ most wanted jobs, their motivations, and their wellbeing. This is a great webinar for HR business partners and people looking for a job in Real Estate.