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6 Tools For Construction Project Managers in 2021

4 May 2021 By Falmouth Fairfax Chelsea Thomas

You are responsible for delivering construction projects on time, quality and in budget, but often you are having to work with the limitations of your resources and technology. Gone are the days of multiple spreadsheets saved to your local server, whiteboards and endless email threads. These tools simply cannot carry the weight of highly structured projects.

Delays in construction are prevalent and many factors contribute to this including labour constraints, supply of materials and design issues. It is up to the construction project management team to mitigate against loss of time and budget and balance these moving parts.

According to the Cornerstone Projects Construction Project Management Survey

Poor original planning and unrealistic scheduling accounted for the most delays in construction projects. 40% of survey participants cited missing deadlines due to original pm planning issues. This is why so many project management teams invest in project management software and the best apps to compliment their service.

Construction project managers require easy to use, robust software that is flexible enough to be adapted to any phase of a development.

5 Things to consider before investing in a new Construction Project Management System.

As you take a look at the list of platforms we have put together with construction in mind, you should consider the following:

1.    What are the priority features and functionalities?

Write a list of everything you want and need your system to do and then prioritise into need, wants and nice to haves.

2.    Is there support and training?

Getting the appropriate onboarding for you and your team is essential to successfully adopting any new system or workflow.

3.    Is it intuitive?

You don't want to be calling the help desk every time you need to carry out a task. Ask for access to a test version to see how much you can do without training or asking questions.

4.    Does it integrate with other systems?

Nowadays, the seamless flow of information for accounts, design and construction managers is essential for time and communication.

5.    Can it be used on a phone or ipad?

Site visits would be made a lot easier if you could access your project information on the go without having to pull out a laptop or worse print.

Construction Project Management System to Consider in 2021



A cloud based, visual system that allows you to manage multiple projects at once and seamlessly communicate with teams across the development process.

Features include:

●      Mobile collaboration tools

●      Real time information and information logs

●      Track tasks to spot issue before they impact schedules or budgets

●      Digital documentation bank

●      Automated spec management

●      RFI software

●      Timecard tracking

●      Diary and meeting management and integrated scheduling

●      Spec management

●      Insights and reports

●      Centralised drawing management

●      Site Diary

●      Snag List

●      Image library



This cloud based software is ideal for large projects and teams, it is not purpose built for construction but the tools are wide reaching and can be used across the business.

Features includes:

●      Multiple templates and workflows from Gantt charts, Kanban and Agile projects

●      Intuitive drag and drop interface

●      Progress tracking and phases

●      Integrates with over 400 apps and software including MS Teams and G Suite

●      Automated workflows

●      Enterprise grade security

●      Custom tools and dashboards

●      Shared files, tasks and reports

●      Transparency and visibility across departments

Contractor Foreman:


Built for the construction industry, this software is your one to stop shop for construction management tools.

Features include:

●      Time cards

●      Bid management

●      CPM and Gantt charts for scheduling

●      Quickbooks integration

●      Service Tickets

●      Custom forms

●      Progress invoicing

●      Daily logs

●      Project and Team chat

●      Punch Lists and To Do’s

●      Client Portal

●      Automatic Task Notifications



Real-time software for the construction industry that works on any advice

Features include:

●      Document bank

●      Team messenger

●      Project scheduling

●      To Do Lists

●      Daily logs

●      Plan markup

●      Trade partner account



This intuitive and collaborative platform sits somewhere between a database, project management software and excel spreadsheet. You can add custom plugins up build the PM software you require.

●      Templates for multiple project types

●      Data storage for project files

●      Task management and tracking

●      Third party plugins such as Slack

●      Custom views including Kanban, calendar and cards to adapt your information and team preferences

●      Task management and tracking




Built for residential development, CoConstruct offers an all in one solution to managing house building projects.

Features include:

●      Quickbooks integration

●      Track jobsite progress

●      Messenger platform with email integration

●      Schedule tracking and management

●      Progress reports

●      Photo and file directory

●      To Do Lists

●      Budget and forecasts


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