7 Sustainability Tips for Property Investors

31 March 2022 By Falmouth Fairfax Beatrice Begg

ESG is playing a prominent role in how companies operate, and more than ever, The Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific are considering ESG in every stage of the property cycle. This includes due diligence to acquisitions and from leasing to asset management.

So, what are the steps that investors can take to implement changes and mitigate risk?


Here are 7 Tips...

  1. Invest in energy - efficient assets – Energy - saving / Net zero is the new imperative

  2. Invest in green certified buildings not brown buildings – the long-term cost will balance out  

  3. Invest in eco - friendly infrastructure – Buildings designed using timber emit less CO2 and are cost effective

  4. Keep yourself abreast of ESG regulations – the rules are constantly tightening

  5. Protect yourself against climate-related hazards – invest in extreme weather-protective infrastructure

  6. Examine the health benefits of assets – e.g. air ventilation, filtration & space that can help increase productivity as well as wellbeing

  7. Consider the corporate social responsibility levels laid out within the asset