5 Tips for being an equal opportunity employer

5 Tips for being an equal opportunity employer

29 June 2022 By Falmouth Fairfax Bea Begg

5 Tips on how to be an equal opportunity employer

We recently asked our followers on social media how inclusive their workplace is towards lgbtq + community. The majority (67%) said that their office felt like it was accepting of everyone however, the other 33% said that their work environment was either non inclusive or that there were still changes that could be made. Should employers be implementing more measures to close any discrimination gaps that still exist?

Here are some tips that may help those who want to encourage diversity, equality and inclusion.

1. Equal pay regardless of race, colour, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age – if someone is doing the same work as well as another employee, they should be paid equally

2. Provide a safe work environment for employees, where discrimination, harassment and intimidation are not tolerated

3. Introduce more training and management around the topics of inclusion, equality and diversity

4. Equal access to benefits and conditions

5. Fair allocations of workloads