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Our Advice for the Current Market

23 November 2022 By Falmouth Fairfax Lucy Cook

The Falmouth Fairfax team members have been sad to hear from multiple candidates and contacts in the last week or so about various companies making redundancies or ongoing staff restructuring processes. This is to be expected in a challenging market, but a tough time for those involved, nonetheless.

If any of our contacts or those we haven't spoken to are worried about job security and would like a general chat or some advice, do reach out to our director, Lucy Cook or consultant, Bronwyn Jesse on the real estate side, or director, John Clarkson or associate consultant, Jay Peters - Simmons on the development and project management side. The market is a little quieter currently for obvious reasons, and also the time of year, but the FF team are very happy to help however we can.

Real Estate Team

Lucy Cook: or Bronwyn Jesse:

Development and Project Management Team

John Clarkson: or Jay Peters-Simmons: